Lecture Series by Erwin Schadel

Erwin Schadel
Erwin Schadel

This is an open invitation to a series of public lectures by Prof. Dr. Erwin Schadel from Bamberg University, Germany:

28. July: “Dialogue as effective chance for an enriching development of mankind: Some outlines inspired by the pansophy of John Amos Comenius”

29. July: “Do we live in the best of all possible worlds?: Some commentaries on Leibniz’ ‘Monadology’ and ‘Theodicy’

30. July: “The principle of harmony: Ontological elucidations of the basic structures of tonality (with a special reference to Johannes Kepler)

All talks will begin at 13.00 hours and will last for about three hours. The first two talks on 28th and 29th of July will be at Room 708, Boromratchakumari Building, Faculty of Arts, and the last talk on the 30th will be at the Recital Hall, Third Floor, Faculty of Fine Arts at the same time. Prof. Schadel will play the piano as part of his talk on the 30th too.

Erwin Schadel is professor of philosophy at Bamberg University, Germany. He is interested in early modern Western philosophy, especially the thoughts of Liebniz and Comenius. He is also very interested in how music is related with the world and with metaphysics. One of his books is on “Music as a Symbol of the Trinity: An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Harmony” (Musik als Trinitätssymbol. Einführung in die harmonikale Metaphy­sik).

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John Amos Comenius
John Amos Comenius

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